A Global Network

Whether you need petroleum coke, sulfur, coal, or other bulk minerals such as iron ore, cement or salt, Koch Carbon, LLC and its affiliates have the experience and ability to deliver. Our businesses and services include:


Petroleum Coke
Koch Carbon and its affiliates have more than 30 years of experience in marketing, storing, handling, and transporting petroleum coke. Koch Carbon maintains a strong network of trading relationships throughout the world, meeting the needs of many of the world’s top producers and consumers of petroleum coke. Our capabilities include a worldwide network of bulk terminals and storage locations that enable Koch Carbon to serve a broad range of petroleum coke consumers including: electric power, cement, steel, pulp and paper, calcining, and other specialty industry sectors.
Koch Sulfur Products Company, LLC and affiliates have been marketing sulfur since 1980. Koch Sulfur Products Company maintains a diverse network of domestic and international trading relationships, and also has terminal operations capabilities for both solid and liquid sulfur. Our company operates one of the largest liquid and solid sulfur terminals in the U.S. In 2010 we increased our capabilities for the international and domestic sulfur markets. Through our unique market position, we are able to help our customers secure sulfur supply while helping producers find reliable outlets.
Coal Trading
Koch Carbon trades coal derivatives on the over-the-counter markets and is also an active merchant of physical coal in the eastern U.S. Capabilities include coal sourcing, sales, risk management, and project financing.
Bulk Marine Freight
Koch Carbon manages logistics for bulk commodities such as coal, petroleum coke, sulfur, aggregate, salt, cement and other materials. We maintain broad relationships with operators of marine vessels, barges and bulk terminals to facilitate product flow. Koch Carbon also trades ocean freight derivatives in the over-the-counter markets.
Bulk Terminal Services
Koch Carbon operates a network of bulk product import/export terminals to offer complete handling and logistics services on a global scale.
Pulp & Paper Trading
Koch Pulp & Paper Trading, LLC provides global commodity risk management services focusing on pulp, paper, and recovered paper products as well as building products such as lumber and oriented strand board (OSB). Our mission is to help clients manage their commodity exposure through creative risk management solutions.
Other Bulk Minerals
Koch Carbon and its affiliates also have broad marketing, trading and logistics handling solutions capabilities for other bulk commodities, including salt, ferro-alloys, iron ore, aggregate, caustic soda and other specialty minerals.


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